Social Media Platform - Fediverse Activated!

One of the things we have been working on is! A month ago we started with nothing and now we have 2k people hanging out on a misskey instance with a beefy server behind it as a test. I have seen how Torba and the rest of the gang have made a name for themselves and I have decided to see what it's all about.

Right now social media is a hot point for many people with all the banning and censorship happening. I got nuked on twitter for speaking my mind and trying to fight against my harassers and I have been holding a peaceful protest ever since. I saw how Gab grew to massive levels and was interested in the hardware stack and how he was able to keep it online. Now we are running our own instance with the purpose of using that same technology in a better format for people to enjoy.

If we are all using the Fediverse we are decentralized.

Make sure you check out!

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